Control through the use of language   In this essay I will explore how the authors use specific language to show how people in powerful positions, control people without power. Each of these texts explore the idea of determinism versus free will. The texts I will be discussing are Nineteen-eighty Four written by George Orwell, […]

A totalitarian government is one which will attempt to control every aspect of the lives of the people by putting very strict laws in place. This is because it gives them a sense of empowerment. A common element which is generally featured in dystopias is the government controlling the minds and actions of their people. The […]

Also, do have a look at all the online notes on Minority Report on the class site: Film Study: Minority Report

At present, there is an urgent issue at hand, one that endangers the health and happiness of thousands of people. The consequences of which can go deeper than

Steps to follow: Research George Orwell’s personal history. What drove him to write the novel in the first place Select elements of the world of the novel that you think have resonance with today Investigate some commentary on the comparable present day examples, mass media, fake news, surveillance, privacy Build a discussion where you explore […]

Hi Christy, I hope your holiday went well for you. I just thought I’d post a link to the current writing task for you to have a look at and hopefully make a start on as soon as possible. Do let me know if there’s anything I can do to assist. Please do your drafting […]

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